Sexual Health Tips For Gay Men

The old saying “health is wealth” is proving to be very true even in today’s modern world. If you’re healthy there are no hospital bills and medicines to worry about. The same holds true for sexual health for gay men. Gay men who practice safe sex are STI-free, healthier and happier. Here are some tips for gay men to stay healthy and safe during sex.


This is very important especially to couples who engage in anal sex. As we all know, the anal region is not only for sexual use for gay couples it also serves as an exit for waste products in the human body. Therefore it is a hotbed for germs and bacteria. If you plan to engage in anal sex with your partner there are several ways to ensure that the area is clean. You can try douching (enema) or you can use soap and water to clean your hole. Make sure not just to clean the outer area but the insides too. This way bacterial count is minimized making it safer for you and your partner to have anal sex.


Condoms and dental dams should be readily available for gay men. These devices can prevent the spread of STIs. The use of condoms and dental dams are particularly important if you are not in a monogamous relationship. As we all know there are certain STIs such as HIV, Herpes and genital warts which have no cure. Using dental dams and condoms are the only way STIs do not spread from partner to partner.

Keeping Anal Sex Safe

Regular Check-up

Getting regular check-ups that do not only cover sexual health is also beneficial for gay men. Knowing your risks when it comes to diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease in advance can help you make intelligent decisions today to ward off illnesses in the future. Knowing that you are physically healthy is crucial because it can give you the confidence to engage in various sexual acts.

Sex Toys

It is important to remember that sharing sex toys is a bad idea especially if you’re not in a committed relationship. If you must share dildos, fleshlights and vibrators it is best to put on a condom on the toy (dildos and vibrators) or to wear a condom (fleshlights). This ensures that no STI is exchanged between partners. Sex toys are also prone to breakage as they age. So make sure to check your vibrators for cracks and compromises in the material to ensure that it does not harbor germs and bacteria.


It is still best to stick to a monogamous relationship for both straight and gay people. Monogamy is healthier because it decreases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and is better for overall health. According to data released by scientists, cheating is particularly bad for the heart. Men in particular are at a higher risk of a coronary event when they cheat. The study suggests that men are more prone “sudden coital death” if he were meeting another partner compared to meeting his wife or partner.

Important Health Issues that Gay Men Need to Be Aware Of

Gay men, and men who have sex with other men, have a number of health risks to be concerned about from sexually transmitted diseases to mental health issues.

All men are facing specific risks to their health, but gay men have a larger list of health concerns to think about. Individual risks are shaped in part by factors that go beyond your sexual orientation and practices, such as your age and family health history, but there are common risks that you can control once you are aware of them.

Always Practice Safe Sex

Having sex with other men puts you at an increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases. HIV is at the top of that list, but you are also more susceptible to hepatitis, HPV, herpes, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis. To reduce your risk of contracting any of this diseases you should always:

  • Use a Condom – A condom should be worn during any type of sex, whether it be oral or anal penetration. Use a water based lubricant to prevent the condom from tearing. Oil based lubricants will cause a latex condom to weaken and then break, making them ineffective.
  • Never Share Your Sex Toys – Some viruses can stay alive for a long time, especially inside of a sex toy like a fleshlight. Keep your toys for your own personal pleasure, and always make sure to clean them before and after you use them.
  • Stay With One Partner – Monogamy will drastically reduce your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, especially when your partner is committed as well. For even further protection, you can both be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. No matter how strong you believe your commitment is, never consent to unprotected sex until you have both been tested.
  • Don’t Use Drugs – Alcohol and drugs will lower your inhibitions, making you more likely to engage in unprotected sexual encounters. Plus you have the risk of passing HIV and other diseases if you share a needle while injecting drugs.
  • Be Wary of Sexual Venues – Bathhouses and sex clubs encourage inappropriate sexual behaviors, which could lead to you having anonymous encounters with other men. Avoid these types of places to reduce your risks of infection.
  • Get Vaccinated – There are hepatitis vaccinations available that will protect you from that disease, but they are not effective at protecting you from the hordes of other risks that you are facing.
  • Ask Your Doctor About Truveda – The FDA has approved the use of Truveda, a drug designed to reduce the risk of being infected with HIV through sexual contact. If you are living a high risk lifestyle, this drug can help in keeping you protected.


Because of social stigmatism, discrimination and lack of support, the LGBT community is at high risk for mental health disorders such as depression. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, such as insomnia, malaise, and loss of appetite, you should seek the help of a licensed therapist immediately. And just remember when you aren’t feeling that great it might not be depression, you might just need to have some fun. Toys work for that.

Being aware of the specific risks associated with your sexual orientation will put you in a much better position to stay healthy and live a long and happy life.

Exploring Sex for Gay Men

Gay Men In BedSex toys are fantastic way to explore ones sexuality in a safe way. More and more couples both hetero and homesexual have begun to experiment with toys in order to spice up their sex lives. I think there is a myth among both straight and gay people that homosexual men never have problems with their sex lives but it definitely isn’t the case. As in any relationship, maintaining a healthy sex life takes work from both sides and often times bringing in a new toy can be just what you need to make things fun again.

The sex toy industry has grown tremendously as it has made a move to go more main stream. In the past, buying a sex toy included finding some scummy looking shop in the bad part of town and feeling like a complete creep as you walked in. Today, sex shops are located on busy streets in big cities and are much more classy than they once were. Or for those couples that prefer to shop in the comfort of their own home, buying sex toys online has never been easier.

As for products, men have more selection than ever before. In the past, it was often times female orientated as far as toys were concerned but today, there is pretty much everything imaginable from the very tame – to the extremely freaky. If you are starting out, I recommend trying out a few tamer items such as cock rings, different lubricants and even some funky condoms which might provide a new experience. As always, please wear condoms when engaging in sexual activities as it’s proven to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexual infections.

If you are a little bit more experienced, you can look a little bit deeper into some more extreme products such as butt plugs and bondage gear which allow you to take your sexual exploration to the next level. Another fun product which is great for single gay men and couples alike are Fleshjacks which is a gay mans version of a Fleshlight. If you are unsure of what a Fleshlight is, there are a variety of Fleshlight reviews which provide hands-on experience of what it’s like to play with one of their toys.

Maintaining a healthy relationship is more than just staying loyal to each other. It’s about engaging in a meaningful relationship which should include a healthy sex life. If you’re in a relationship where the sex has gone stale, bring a toy into the bedroom and see what happens. You never know how much fun you might have.

Sex Toys Prevent the Spread of HIV

fleshjackSex toys have come a long way in the past couple of decades and if you haven’t recently tipped your head into a sex store in quite some time, I invite you to check it out. Yes, it might make you a bit squirmy if you’re not used to seeing that type of stuff but if you go in with an open mind, you’ll be amazed at all the different things you will learn about. I remember my very first time at a sex shop and I was blown away by some of the fetish magazines and videos that were available. I would get into more detail but I don’t want to ruin the surprise 😉 .

One area in this particular industry that has really improved in the past decade is male masturbation paraphernalia. As men, we haven’t had many options outside of our right or left hand and perhaps some interesting household items we found to be pleasing. The woman always had it best with an abundance of options in regards to vibrators, dildos and such but things are changing.

Previous to products such as the fleshlight which I will get into, men had few options outside of blow-up dolls. Nowadays with an abundance of Fleshlight products, Tenga Eggs and other knock off products, you can have a pretty amazing sexual experience by yourself in the comfort of your own home. A Fleshlight looks very similar to a standard size flashlight except at one end you have a small hole where you slide your penis into. Inside the fleshlight is a series of ribbings and bumps designed to stimulate the penis, leading to some pretty gnarly climaxes.

Fleshlights come in a few different designs but the majority are shaped to reflect the look of a vagina or female asshole. Now I know an asshole can be an asshole both male or female but Fleshlight did the gay community a huge thumbs up and released the fleshjack. The Fleshjack is essentially the gay man’s version of the Fleshlight allowing those who wish to fantasize about bucking their favorite male porn stars butts can now do so in the comfort of their own home.

So how does this prevent the spread HIV? I know I have had way too many unsatisfactory one night stands in my past and I can’t tell you much I would have rather just went home to my Fleshjack instead of bringing the dud stranger home with me. When you can simulate the sex so impressively, you don’t feel the pressure to get out there as much therefore decreasing the spread of HI